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With our core philosophies cemented on the JGC Way, JGC Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (abbreviated as JGCAP) creates value with our technological capabilities as we serve our clients with our expertise in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services. Our expert advice on Front End Engineering Design (FEED), feasibility, revamp, and optimization studies are also highly sought-after consultancies, as well as our project management services in oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Since the 1970s, Japan-headquartered JGC Corporation has had a hand in building various plants that contributed to Singapore’s booming economy. This led to the establishment of JGCAP as a subsidiary company of JGC Holdings Corporation in 1992. Since then, JGCAP has successfully completed myriad projects and industries in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, and our work speaks for itself in our excellent safety record and professional work ethic. As with our parent company, the JGC Group, we have committed our engineer-based services to the highest standard of performance, contributing to the world economic and social prosperity while remaining dedicated in conserving the environment.


JGC Group is a global engineering contractor with overseas subsidiaries all over the world. Each subsidiary shares the engineering technologies and capabilities from their local country to the JGC Group to create synergies and bring cost savings to our clients. Clients who engage with their local JGC can expect solutions and resources sourced from this global network to add value to their project.