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The primary objective of JGCAP procurement strategy is to substantially reduce supply chain costs with the intention of lowering project construction costs for plant owners.

In order to achieve this goal, JGCAP leverages on market knowledge, working closely with a balance of both global and local network of suppliers. With more than 20 years of alliances with longstanding suppliers and ever-expanding new suppliers from emerging markets, JGCAP procurement is able to source widely to support projects ranging from refining, petrochemical and chemical plants with quality products and an optimal logistics solution to save time and money for our valued customers. Our robust procurement process and versatile team provide us with the agility and flexibility to work seamlessly with all our affiliated companies and plant owners.


Our procurement strategies are designed and proven to control cost and schedule, combined with our material management systems and procedures and updated real-time reporting, we have confidently in meeting projects budgets and generating saving on material costs in the ever-challenging environments. Further being privileged as JGC affiliates, JGCAP can utilise its global network of JGC affiliate offices to access procurement resources, supplier knowledge, and expedite and inspection services to provide valuable service to customers.


Our inspection and expediting services work closely with our suppliers to monitor key activities during equipment manufacturing. This is to verify that equipment and materials are conformed to project specifications, quality standards and timely delivery to meet project’s CRD.


Our logistics group works together with reputable forwarders to develop strategies in compliance with international governance’s laws and regulations on import and export. The team prepares for formalities, planning, execution of projects materials movement and delivery against risks, unforeseen events in country of export from loading, transportation and up to storage with an overall cost savings to the project.